The current City Council has lost touch with the values of Greenwood Village residents.  They voted 5-3 in favor of a
change to the Comprehensive Plan that would have allowed much greater density in the Village resulting in increased traffic congestion.

Additionally, the current Council favored an increase in multi-family housing that would have shifted our single-family to multi-family balance (currently 54% to 46%) making Greenwood Village a majority multi-family community.

76% of Greenwood Village residents voted against the proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan.  Clearly, the current Council is not representing the will of its residents.

My concern and the reason I am running is that I believe the current Council as well as the city staff will continue to consider inappropriately dense development in the future.  Residents should be represented by Council members who share their values.  Through my leadership in the Save our Village campaign, I got a very strong sense of the kind of council representation citizens want.  I believe I can fulfill that role.











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