District 2 Issues

What are the most important issues facing District 2?
Traffic is the number one issue.  In deciding whether to approve a development, the Council should consider the traffic caused by existing developments within Greenwood Village and also those caused by developments in adjacent cities, such as the Belleview Station development in Denver.

Redevelopment of the Orchard Light-rail station area is another important issue.  It needs to be redeveloped, but it should be redeveloped in accordance with the current Comprehensive Plan.


What should be the future of high-density development in Greenwood Village?  What lessons should be learned from this year’s ballot issue?
The existing Comprehensive Plan should guide future development.  While more density should be encouraged adjacent to the light-rail stations, that density should be consistent with existing restrictions.  Additional multi-family housing is discouraged in parts of the Village because we currently have a 46%-54% multi-family to single-family mix.  I support maintaining that mix and not allowing Greenwood Village to become a majority multi-family community.

While the Council must keep an eye on the City’s financial health, it should not forget the type of community the residents want Greenwood Village to be.  76% of residents voted against the proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan, changes that the current Council approved, 5-3.  The referendum demonstrated that the current Council, as well as other candidates for City Council in District 2 who supported those changes, are out of touch with the desires of the residents



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